May 3, 2006


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I’m sorry but I had not internet during the holiday because I don’t live in Lyon. But Laurence, my oral partner had seen my documents and my future post. I bring the post today and after.


March 8, 2006

Document 1

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witness = In a enquiry, a witness is someone who have seen a crime, the murder.
formerly = in the past
stalked = to track, pursue
dimly lit = lightless, dark, obscure
fog = mist, haze
blanketed = to cover, envelop
aforethought = with premeditation
lurked = to wait secretly
despicable = detestable, hateful, odious
diary = agenda, journal
slain = dead after violence
grisly = bloody
cobblestones = pave
beast = animal, monster
overheard = to heard by chance, accidentally
dank = humid, steamy
begged = to ask, supplicate
stranger = unknown person, foreigner
misty = with fog, mist
spawned = engender, procreate
sharp = cutting edge knife
disturbed = disordered, psychologic sick
dim = somber, dingy
glow = light, gleam
alleyways = alley, cramped way
intent = intention, objective
corpse = the body of a crime victim
slaughtered = to massacre, to slay
chalked = A chalked message is a message written with chalk (craie).
ceased = to stop
frenzied = frenetic
indulge = to make (s.o.) happy
lust = passion, desire
dreadful = frightening
stealthily = sneakily, with furtive
carved = engrave, inscribe
baffled = consternated, confounded
chilling = ice, freeze
blow = in this context, message