May 27, 2006


Posted in Synthesis at 2:09 pm by soazig

      August 1888. The Whitechapel area. A woman, Mary Ann Nichols returned with the other prostitutes but she met on her way a tall dark man… It’s the beginning of the case “Jack the Ripper”.

      The first interesting point in my opinion is the choice for Jack the Ripper of prostitutes. Why are they all prostites and in the same age? Why Mary Jane Kelly’s murder is so different and so young than the other? These all questions have different answers but for me, the murder of Mary Jane Kelly is different  simply because Jack the Ripper wanted to mark forever his murders. The choice of the prostitutes is perhaps linked to for women (perhaps he was homosexual). But il could be to catch a secret like in “From Hell” where the prostitutes were killed because they knew the relation between the son of the queen and an ex-prostitute…

       Then, the horror, the mean the victims were discovered is an other important point of the case. These murders have inspired the terror in london. For another time, Jack the Ripper wanted to mark his time and his name. The victims were discovered with incisions, intestines out of her body, female organs removed, throat cut, mutilated… Jack the Ripper was surely the first very bloody serial killer.

      The suspects are an other mysterious part of the case. So, the characteristic of this case is that we don’t know surely who was the murderer… (or the murderers). Police have suspected lots of people (lawyer, doctor, sailor, mentally ill person…). But according to the doctors who have examined the corpses, the precision of the incisions should be made by a person who have study medecine, so a doctor. That’s why i think the theory of the royal conspiraty is the most probable because murders mhave made by several people  and especially by doctor(s).

      And the final and interesting point of the case is the Jack Ripper’s letters. Why has he write these letters ? Perhaps  he wanted to justify his murders ? The letters intriged lots of people and different theories were born to answer this mystery.

       So, this case have a particular focus because the idea of a serial killer is new for most people (the murders, the cruauty, the victims…) The fact we don’t know now who was the murderer strike people too and finally the different letters of Jack the Ripper.