May 15, 2006

Document 5 : The Ripper letters

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    The police and local press have received lots of letters during the horror ofJack the Ripper. Lots of experts think allof them are false but many of them have another opinion and believe three letters are authentic : the Dear Boss letter, the Saucy Jacky postcard and the From Hell letter. I would talk about just these three letters.

  Boss1.jpg  Boss2.jpg
    The first letter is received on September 27th, 1888 and was believed to be a joke. But several elements in the letters,as the choice to Jack the Ripper to cut off ear from her victims, make a reference to Jack the Ripper. We know that the name of Jack the Ripper appeared in the letter because the author want the people to call him Jack the Ripper and not Leather Apron.

Saucy2.jpg Saucy1.jpg

    The second letter was received on October 1st, 1888 and the handwriting is similar than the first one, the dear boss letter. There were lots of reference about the last letter and about the last crimes. But as th murders and the letters were publish on newspaper, the authenticity are not attest.

From Hell1.jpg

    It is the last one, the from hell letter on October 16th. This letter is one of a scene in the fim "From Hell", directly inspired from this letter. George Lusk, the president of the Withechapel Vigilance Committee, received a cardboard box with a human kidney inside. The Dr. Openshaw thank that this kidney was perhaps one of Catherine Eddowes organs because the other is very similar.



May 10, 2006

Document 4 : FROM HELL, the movie

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The movie "From Hell" is very interesting.

The story of Jack the Ripper here connects the murderer(s) to a royal conspiration. It's one of the different theories the police and contemporan advance. The scandal is around the Prince "Eddy" Albert Victor who's the grandson of queen Victoria and the heir to the throne. The prince may have been married in a secret ceremony a prostitute, Annie Crouck and had have a daughter with her. Moreover she's the heir to the throne of Protestant England althought her mother was a Catholic. The authority take away the couple and Annie was take in a "psychologic" hospital where she lost memory. But there are other witness : the friend's prostitutes of Annie…

So, they were killed in order to silence them and cover the royal scandal. But to the murder, the only difference is the last murder because Catherine Eddowes is killed instead of Mary Jane Kelly (this one went away by train with the chidren of Annie in order to wait the Lieutenant Abberline, the detective on the Jack Ripper's case).

fromhell_1.jpg depp from hell.jpg

Lots of elements are true.

The main character, the Scotland Yard detective Abberline was a real policeman in this case. But his character is romanticized by a man who "chase the dragon" (he's an opium addict) and who have premonitions on the murders.

The different murders are respected (the order, the name of the victims) except perhaps the end of the film because it's not Mary Jane Kelly who's killed but Catherine Eddowes… Moreover the life of the prostitutes is presented like gruesome and dark, always under threats (pimps, violent men,street criinals, disease and addictions).

Lots of characters are similar of the time of the murder, of the story. First, the murderers in the film are suspects in the reality (Sir William Gull, the dictor of the queen and intimate friend of her, Ben Kidney, a policeman and Netley, the cabman).

And finnaly, there is a compare between the title of the film and the signature of a letter Jack the Ripper wrote to someone. Indeed,on October 16th, George Lusk, the president of the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee, received a cardboard box in his mail and inside there was a half human kidney preserved in wine… surely on the Catherine's corpse…

May 3, 2006

Document 3 : The suspects

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A list of suspects has been made. We see the different theories the police and authors advance. There are contemporary theories according to the police, suspects named by authors and further theories.

According to the police opinion, the murder could be a respectable lawyer and teacher (Montague John Druitt) who committed suicide after mutilated the women. But his death is too near of the last crime (Mary Jane Kelly’s crime). In the list of suspects, there were men who have already committed crime (George Chapman who have poisoned women, John Pizer who have committed assaults on prostitutes, William Henry Bury who have killed his wife after mutilate her) . There were respectable men like Montague John Druitt and moreover doctors who were connected with the deaths of their patients (Dr Francis Tumblety and Dr Thomas Neill Cream). There were too people who were near the murders and during the period (a sailor, a mentally ill person and other suspects ).

In the years after the murders, several authors showed their theories and introduce their suspects. Thus, very respectable men were accused by the authors : recently for example Sir John Williams, a friends of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert Victor, duke of Clarence…. but mentally ill person too, poet, painter, merchant, ……

The theories are numerous and all different. We are allowed to say that Jack the Ripper’s story is a mystery and will last a mystery.


Document 2 : The victims

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Elizabeth Stride1.jpgThis document deals with the victim of Jack the Ripper (her common points, who where there…). The author is an historical fiction author. She also researches historical figures shrouded in mystery.

We know the story of Jack the Ripper especially with the books written about him. But on the side of the case, the only element we know is his victims who were killing and mutilating. Jack probably charms his victims and use several stratagems to convince women to follow him. As the victims showed no evidence of struggle or defensive wounds, the killer should be an inoffensive and respectable looking man (according to the FBI…)

The five victims had common points. They were all alcoholic and they had been one time in their life streetwalkers. However, the crime was different for any girls. Mary Ann Nichols had incisions in her abdomen ; Annie Chapman had incisions on her neck, her abdomen ravaged (with intestines placed on her shoulder) and her female organs removed and missing ; Elisabeth had just her throat cut ; Catherine had her entrails flung, her neck and throat cut, her intestines under her body and her face mutilated ; and at last, Mary Jane Kelly had her throat cut, her abdomen sliced, her face mutilated and her internal organs had been removed.

We surmise that Jack the Ripper had the passion for killing and as the need of a drug, the crime increased and accelerated…

Mary Jane Kelly





March 17, 2006

Document 1 : The story

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This document deals with the horror of Jack the Ripper. The story begins in the streets of East End of London, in the Whitechapel area. His first murder took place in Bucks Row on 31st August 1888 and he killed Mary Ann Nichols or “Polly”, her nickname.

Then, it was Annie Chapman turn. Her mutilated body was found in Hanbury Street on 8th September 1888, one week after the first murder. The police had perhaps a suspect because a witness saw the victim with a stranger man before the murder.
Jack the Ripper reappeared two weeks later, on 30th September 1888. During this night, he killed more brutally than ever done. Elizabeth Stride was discovered in Duffield’s Yard and 10 minutes on foot from this place, there were Catherine Eddowes too. Their corpses was found slaughtered with lots of violence and one of them was discovered “cut from ear to ear”.

Finally, his last murder was the most bloody, the most horrible. After one and a half month without other murders, Jack the Ripper struck again for a fifth and final time in Miller’s Court on 9th November 1888. The victim was a pretty 25 years old girl, Mary Jane Kelly.

This final murder left the mark and the fear of Jack the Ripper for many years. Lots of theories and arguments put forward to discover the real identity of Jack the Ripper.