May 27, 2006


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      August 1888. The Whitechapel area. A woman, Mary Ann Nichols returned with the other prostitutes but she met on her way a tall dark man… It’s the beginning of the case “Jack the Ripper”.

      The first interesting point in my opinion is the choice for Jack the Ripper of prostitutes. Why are they all prostites and in the same age? Why Mary Jane Kelly’s murder is so different and so young than the other? These all questions have different answers but for me, the murder of Mary Jane Kelly is different  simply because Jack the Ripper wanted to mark forever his murders. The choice of the prostitutes is perhaps linked to for women (perhaps he was homosexual). But il could be to catch a secret like in “From Hell” where the prostitutes were killed because they knew the relation between the son of the queen and an ex-prostitute…

       Then, the horror, the mean the victims were discovered is an other important point of the case. These murders have inspired the terror in london. For another time, Jack the Ripper wanted to mark his time and his name. The victims were discovered with incisions, intestines out of her body, female organs removed, throat cut, mutilated… Jack the Ripper was surely the first very bloody serial killer.

      The suspects are an other mysterious part of the case. So, the characteristic of this case is that we don’t know surely who was the murderer… (or the murderers). Police have suspected lots of people (lawyer, doctor, sailor, mentally ill person…). But according to the doctors who have examined the corpses, the precision of the incisions should be made by a person who have study medecine, so a doctor. That’s why i think the theory of the royal conspiraty is the most probable because murders mhave made by several people  and especially by doctor(s).

      And the final and interesting point of the case is the Jack Ripper’s letters. Why has he write these letters ? Perhaps  he wanted to justify his murders ? The letters intriged lots of people and different theories were born to answer this mystery.

       So, this case have a particular focus because the idea of a serial killer is new for most people (the murders, the cruauty, the victims…) The fact we don’t know now who was the murderer strike people too and finally the different letters of Jack the Ripper.



  1. NH Jordan said,

    Polly Nichols was not Jack the Ripper’s first victim. There were probably earlier attacks, but his first killing was Martha Tabram, found at 4:50am on a landing at the George Yard Dwellings, right in the heart of Jack’s later, and favorite murder sites.

    Her thirty-nine wounds included 9 to the throat, 16 to the breasts, 13 to the abdomen consisting of 5 punctures to the liver, 2 of the spleen, and 6 to the stomach. There was also a slashing-type wound, 3 inches long and an inch deep to the genital area.

    Obviously, this murder was a learning experience for the Ripper. He was experimenting with what excited him, obliterating those female parts that he so obviously hated.

    Tabram should, at long last, take her place with the other Ripper victims.

  2. Amanda said,

    First of all you should really study the facts alot more. There are actualy three royal conspiracies, none make any sense what so ever. Why? the theory I think you are refering to which Sir William Gull surgeon to the queen had already had a stroke and was well into his sixties when the murders happend. Francis Tumbelty would be a much better doctor if thats the theory you like. Scottland Yard found him likely enough to follow him back to the states, and he was homosexual. Do me a favor read up on him.

    • Juifes said,

      Why is Mary Jane Kelly’s identity is such a mystery? I can’t believe she’s untraceable.

      Who says the Royal Conspiracy doesn’t make sense? Producers and writers wouldn’t choose this story for the movies if it didn’t make sense.

      The Masonic Conspiracy involving Sir Arthur Sullivan makes sense. I like Arthur and Mary rather than Eddy and Elizabeth, although I don’t doubt the Prince could have had a secret child too as could any number of the elites. And any one of the kids could have been a motive for killing any one of the victims.

      What did Roslyn D’Onston say about the French? Ha ha!

  3. Jeni said,

    Whilst I agree with Amanda, you do need to check your facts, the very first thing you need to do is learn English. I only got through this section and no further, your spelling and grammer is so bad I can’t read any more.

    “That’s why i think the theory of the royal conspiraty is the most probable because murders mhave made by several people and especially by doctor(s).”


  4. daniel said,

    I have to agree with Jeni on this one. I’ve seen better written english from a fucking toddler! And im assuming you are American because you make a cock of everything including presentation of dates,pronounciations etc.
    Personally, as a Londoner myself my view on jack the ripper is he was simply a very sick basterd who was made into a glorious figure by the press.
    At the end of the day so many people take a subject that is quite clear and simple at first, then add their theories etc and end up distorting it into a completely fictious fable.
    This may have been the 1st “Ripper” but it certainly wont be the last it makes me sick that people glorify evil for personal and capital gain. Lets turn every fucking psycho into a legend and give him a place in history forever why do’nt we? Who cares? it was more than a century ago get over it!! Regards D.J Evans (south London)

    • Kurt said,

      Well, Daniel, while I agree with many of your points I do have to take exception as to your assumption that all Americans have a predisposition to “making a cock of everything”. Quite frankly, I’ve read numerous posts from people of all different nationalities and I’ve found that misspelling and poor grammar is not a monopoly held by people of any particular country. After all, it wouldn’t be exactly fair for an American like me to assume that a post must have been made by a Londoner simply because the poster couldn’t seem to express an idea without resorting to low-based profanity and insults, now would it?

  5. allyce said,

    I really enjoyed your essay but honestly I really think that you didn’t think about how many critics were going to read it (hint hint above) another thing is that you sould use spellcheck next time you post something that is not going to be edited before it is officially posted.also i didn’t find alot of proper grammar. and please dont listen to the people who are nagging over your misspellings then read their comment an find misspellings in it.their just rude and dont relize it untill after they submit their comment.another thing is thank you for being a ripper nerd with me I DO NOT STAND ALONE! thanks

  6. dante said,

    jack the ripper is not human this message is for the ppl who seek truth

  7. Ray said,

    Your English is very bad. The whole piece is riddled with bad grammar.

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