May 15, 2006

Document 5 : The Ripper letters

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    The police and local press have received lots of letters during the horror ofJack the Ripper. Lots of experts think allof them are false but many of them have another opinion and believe three letters are authentic : the Dear Boss letter, the Saucy Jacky postcard and the From Hell letter. I would talk about just these three letters.

  Boss1.jpg  Boss2.jpg
    The first letter is received on September 27th, 1888 and was believed to be a joke. But several elements in the letters,as the choice to Jack the Ripper to cut off ear from her victims, make a reference to Jack the Ripper. We know that the name of Jack the Ripper appeared in the letter because the author want the people to call him Jack the Ripper and not Leather Apron.

Saucy2.jpg Saucy1.jpg

    The second letter was received on October 1st, 1888 and the handwriting is similar than the first one, the dear boss letter. There were lots of reference about the last letter and about the last crimes. But as th murders and the letters were publish on newspaper, the authenticity are not attest.

From Hell1.jpg

    It is the last one, the from hell letter on October 16th. This letter is one of a scene in the fim "From Hell", directly inspired from this letter. George Lusk, the president of the Withechapel Vigilance Committee, received a cardboard box with a human kidney inside. The Dr. Openshaw thank that this kidney was perhaps one of Catherine Eddowes organs because the other is very similar.




  1. Mancaster said,

    Nice grammar, dumb fuck.

  2. carole gerst said,

    I think after reading JACK THE RIPPER that it was the
    Prince of Wales, a good cover up by a doctor for the
    royal family after all Prince Eddie was supose to marry,
    May of Teck, he just gets real sick after a doctor’s visit think the higher ups had him murdered to cover up his shame that might exspose the royal family, for what they are a bunch of screw ups that keep growing!

  3. […] Document 5 : The Ripper letters […]

  4. […] Document 5 : The Ripper letters […]

  5. alice rose said,

    on the first letter jack the ripper sent
    (i have studied it carfuly)
    there i a hidden message when he goes on about red ink which is obeously blood
    i am studing jack the ripper and i have mixed opinion on whether he was mentaly ill or not
    i went to the london dungons yesterday and found out more but i think i am on the right track on finding out more myself
    please contact me if you find enymore information that could help me with my findings

    • dylan said,

      in the letter he joked about the police thinking it was leather apron A.K.A John Pizer

  6. Paul E. Smith said,

    Whatever happened to the “Dr. Tumblety” (SP?) supposition?
    I had read about the “Dr.” who had an insane hatred of women and often showed off his Uterous Collection (in jars filled with Formaldehyde)
    I read that at the same time he left London the murder’s stopped…

  7. angus said,

    It was Kozminski because it was hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  8. Mika said,

    Acutally the Dear Boss was written last September 17, 1888 NOT SEPTEMBER 27. okay? 😀

  9. donna leon said,

    Alot of disease and starvation them days the royal family didnt care much for the small people they would send em to australia
    dont think it was royalty involved more like deffinately a man with knowledge of cutting people
    he admired his work and loved it more say a butcher
    sumone with a normal job you would least suspect
    a man that hated women for problems causing a mental illness …maybe
    able to zip in and out of streets without being noticed when others stayed close to the light as possible
    it was sumone who knew the area and never like much to do with women and had a little bit of a dabble into the occult using the skull and bone pictures on his letter he would benefit from the murders like a relief
    different letters when he writes shows he has a bad illnes probably schitzo
    hearing voices and prolly was forced to commit the murders
    one knife he says he had one sharp knife
    a butcher always keeps one knife as his favorite on him while working
    just like cleaners they have their own favorite cloths
    he to me was a butcher the mortuary fellow also was involved they both benefited by these murders the bodies go to the morgue the same morgue
    the same area he would have known that they would bring them to his morgue if they were in his area
    him being available 24hrs a day seems strange like he ws waiting for them or knew it would happen

  10. donna said,

    The jews were targeted for the murders of whores
    sharp knife
    trade mark of a student or butcher cutting up bodies admiring them
    uncaningly a butcher knows the kidney area from the pigs he cuts up
    knows the womans pussy area and other areas by studying pigs talks with mates late at night conversations bout pigs organs
    a butcher has access to pigs many pigs and can do his own skills on them with knives
    like a cop would
    he knows his way round quite well knows how to get people going in the direction of jews to blame and even royals
    he is not stupid therefore he has an education or knowledge of human behaviour like a cop would or scientist
    i know these men arent that tough they keep secrets thru time making more mysteries they will uncover the truth so people will say wow man hes intelligent
    when all the people back then are guilty
    guilty for not helping the poor
    guilty for not allowing the proper investigation
    guilty for the disapearance of evidence

    dont you all get it there were many involved
    some dont like whores didnt care if asum or many died horrorbly
    some wanna join in on the skull and bone or what ever the name is
    this is what you call a conspiracy
    and they used innocent women that couldnt defend themselves
    i say innocent cause they knew no other way of life cause their so called foyal family ate big meals and left their own people suffering

    talk of royal family involved maybe true because round the same time
    in australia a castle was built housed many jews for slaughter
    by lions and were judged to death by lions for being jews
    i went to that school i know the history

    the royal family if any were cappable of ahving brains back then instead of wanting death all the time
    they were busy killing jews in my country
    it tells a story that all of them surrounding that royal family were nothing but bastards mongrels that hated jews cause of jesus
    they would do anything to blame a jew
    and sumhow it was thrown back in their faces the royals got the blame
    at the end of the day
    who is to blame not who is the killer
    people miss the meaning of soving a crime

  11. mdnnlee said,

    the murder sights are of the australian southern stars
    strange that is
    i read about a man that killed his kids and wife in the same area as the murders or near had also killed again in australia he
    was hanaged in melbourne gaol

  12. mdnnlee said,

    i get it its sum sorta time warp thing
    maybe worms do go up i thought they went across
    i always saw em go across
    must be japanese

  13. mdnnlee said,

    i feel it in with a game called sherlock holmes versus jack the ripper
    maps are strange and things wierd
    i reckon its a warp of sum sort
    they can hear my music
    How is this possible

    sum how i dont think anyone can solve it cause its not ours to solve
    might be god or advanced people
    and i am not playing that game ever again
    they murdered people and dabbled in time travel
    prolly why them old books about realms i read were true after all
    friggin wow

  14. mdnnlee said,

    critical circumference and really advanced maths i couldnt work it out but its all there in the sight sherlock holmes versus jack the ripper walk through
    or im bloody mad but i thought for a few hours this could be a warp using mind games and critical circumferences
    i just read about them circumferences and their real
    just think cops going in time to do business or
    people being murdered by others jumping in time
    or helped
    its a strange thought if you get the game make sure you have cheats or you cant work the maths out its impossible not the other things in it
    the brains behind it must be smart

    who ever made the game must bo soo cool
    took me back right into the time it happened like it was nearly real
    my tele started to act like the game and those maps came up it was
    as if the computers in them came together or pulled or something
    realy cool game

  15. mdnnlee said,

    i saw a black hole in usa
    its where the first donkey barge thing was built in md i think it was
    its haunted they reckon
    no light can penetrate it
    and so many deaths blasting it thru a mountain to build the barge so donkeys can pull it
    its a tourist attraction now
    but two of us sneaked in and we got caught and told off
    what i saw was just as spooky as jack the ripper feelings
    like death and dark stuff no light apparently could penetrate this hole in the mountain and it was not finished but they evacuated it
    cause of all the deaths there

  16. sharon said,

    such a powerful fear in peoples hearts back then
    imagine if they can jump in time to now
    doing what they did back then cutting up bodies with eyes of pure evil
    if there was a worm hole here
    could it be possible for jack the ripper to come through our time
    does the japanese really wanna open realms for this to happen
    if light could penetrate darkness it turns blue doesnt it?
    if a black hole was real it would be mostly blue cause of all the light
    and black in the middle where the main energy is
    just a thought for jack the ripper coming into our world through time warps and games and sheer horror
    then reality hits when bodies are cut open blood spread all over the place and no trace of murderers they just up and vanish
    loop holes, time tunnels, worm holes, black holes what ever the case maybe
    its not like anyone on earth has a blue glow prolly pulsating like a heart beat cappable of hell
    imagine the power if one did have a black hole they could bring jack the ripper to do their biddings bring any one back that is their friend of the dark side
    well lucky for people theirs no such thing only nips fartarsing round with worm tunnels or time
    i really dont think they know what they are in for if they do bring black holes to life could be devastating on man in our time
    the rivers will fill with blood just like the bible said
    till the rivers run red then it will stop
    i do believe god is not one to play with nor is time or black holes
    mans time on earth is to share and love put his days of life through time through his kids or dna or genes not black holes and worms

    its a time to be careful of thngs like that
    if i had a blue glow i would join the two holes or worms and bring hell back to get revenge on step parents and people that hurt me
    but thats wrong to even think like that
    everyone has a problem and disaster isnt the answer or fighting isnt the answer
    to teach people life and love do go together
    then we can live forever through time through our dna and genes
    not worms and horror games that cause bad influences
    i would not allow a child to play the game of jack the ripper and sherlock holmes theirs too much of a mystery and it sucks you in like a black hole would to space
    thats why i think its a worm
    the guy who made the game prolly dont even know what hes got
    he can send that thing thru signals like he did with the game
    but danger lurks cause the moment sum one knows with the same inteligence and black hole similiar could use his to bring out hell
    when man thinks it could solve a lot of time transporting men outta danger
    not the case their is always a dark person woman waiting to pounce maybe its been hurt or wants revenge maybe they hurt their kids that would make any parent lose control over thoughts of humanity

    life only exists cause man has the ability to change his ways
    japanes are killing whales murdering the oldest or one of em species in the sea
    cause they dont like the way the sound upsets their frequensy with robots
    if they had any brains they wouldve built round that in the first place

    the things they dabble in and people call it smart if i said i had a black hole and it glows blue and pulsates i would be classed as mad
    they are going to bring hell here to earth and only a hellish figure can stop them,of course they wouldnt know what lurks round the corner for them
    they dont know if u dabble in time warps that man or a woman can bring
    a murderer back dont have to be the president for safety out of a fire
    or flood could be JACK THE RIPPER

    ENJOY YOUR NIGHTMARES careful not to scream to loud he might hear you
    and know where you live

  17. sory i called myself sharon said,

    i noticed jack the rippers letters
    One of them seems very strange to me

    i think personalities can be picked up quite easy
    dont matter how long ago it happened
    as long as a desire is out there its always going to be alive

    most psychics feel the persons personalities and know whats going to happen next

    opening up to a dark evil could be fatale for them
    allowing hellish personalities to come into our world

    the individual letters some nearly most of them are exactly the same
    as a persons writing i know to exact

    strange and bizzare isnt it??

    or a dark one or light one its hard to imagine without proof of the unknown without a true psychic to guide us without them losing sight of reality and keeping the whole mystic world together
    we may not know the truth of who jack is

    going by the letters and the person i know
    the ability to commit evil crimes are one the same person
    the births are different opposite sexes.The personalities are different
    yet the writings the same.

    conclusion both are cappable of critical deaths and not a worry in their souls not a care

    can two souls be the same? Or from the same tree different branches
    one might be good the other pure evil

    Yet both can commit evil crimes for what ever reason one might be to help by forcing people to listen to their wrongs
    the other might be to force sheer horror on their souls and kill with their own bare hands and feel good bout it.

    just like harry potter the evil wizard was the same as potter
    yet potter was the good one

    same dog different leg action
    that would mean this person is very important for forcing evil away
    like harry did fought them off
    the person i know is forever fighting evil forever making people see the wrong in them
    yet is also cappable of horror to make them see not by their own hands either

    uncanny isnt it
    cause that person with the same letter writing is me
    and i can prove it
    i was shocked when i studied the game and tried to finish the game by cheating on the net only to find the same writing as mine

    it spooked me a little but i am not affraid not one little bit
    it near dragged me to hell
    i wrote things people would never understand
    the time i went through hell and what i went through to fight
    this evil it was like a time warp trying to drag me there
    i have a blue glow also i think its after it to come alive or to use me to enter realms
    i took pics of my blue glow nick named halo
    many have seen it its even with IP australia locked away in files

    this is why im sumtimes wierd with words cause i fight this evil all the time
    sumtimes i get angry and want to give in
    my kids hurt and i get upset like any mum would
    its hard to fight evil if one could understand

    im also accused as a child of being an angel a very scary one
    all of the witnesses were questioned by police one by one
    news papers came so forth
    im always under the light of fighting unknown evils
    wish i wasnt alone wish sumone was in theis sight and could understand

    my man keeps me from giving in to hell i need him even though hes a scallywag at times no ones perfect

    the game opened a door for him to attack me i fought him
    i won i cant hurt no one
    dont wanna be like that thing a dark mystery looking childish bloody crap
    he would love to grab my blue glow
    i have sent it by signals round accidentaly blew my caravan up
    in oxley pines park inala qld
    the owner didnt know what happened and gave me a new van
    lucky for me
    the workers never saw anything like it they said
    the loud explosions and small burnt hole through electric stove with a clean cut small but powerful cut

    Ididnt know what this thing was so i nick named it HALO
    took sum pics sent it over my car by signals looks bloody cool i gotta say
    took them pics too of me car and other cars to see the difference of aura

    Yep i fight alot of evil and im tired when people attack me i think why why attack me i have been to hell fighting possible for you
    i see them as ungrateful scum i get angry but i end up thinking theyre just silly or on the wrong team

    im gonna put my stories i wrote in the sight of sum hellish fights and the evidence to prove it existed i wont lie and i would like to share with people even though no one seems to be in this site suits me to the ground
    i get it all out of my system in gory detail
    when sum one does read it they have a good read

  18. donna said,

    im over that jack the ripper stuff too spooky and whacks my mind round to much
    i deleted the game and dont want nothing more to do with jack the ripper
    very evil and scary

  19. donna said,

    The hand writing in red ink is nelly exactly the same as my hand writing
    im good at writing stories so … think that person that wrote that letter in red ink is a story writer or journalist
    couldnt possibly a murderer
    Realy scared me to think someone has the exact same way of writing some letters not all but near could possibly be a mental murderer
    i havent been able to sleep cause of it
    dreams of people like as if i was there but never been there
    thought it was a time tunnel thing or warp
    more i think bout it its possible there is such a thing as
    reincarnation only im not a journalist nor am i a murderer
    Ive been accused in the papers to be a very frightening dark angel
    they say there is two dark angels one raised up on raw meat and blood
    when i was forced in the streets by greedy people i had to eat raw meat and blood but my dog booboo fed me that infront of dale wayne kerwin one of the idiots that played a part in my abuse
    i near died of starvation only for my dog booboo
    that went on for a good seven yrs of starvation people here in australia had no heart and very greedy cops would make them move me on for some strange reason
    people would say they would do the same what i copped to Lady Di cause theyre sick of us being better than them and wanted me to know what its like to be like them
    the hatred from people that thought i was more than a woman was so severe they put things under my nails that realy hurt hit my toes till they bled all the abuse i copped im now getting a payout
    but to think i have the ability to kill would be stupid i couldve done it back then when i was abused
    i do have a murdering soul in me when i was at a xmass party three yrs back it went sour blokes were fighting old and young
    one fellow pulled out a sickle the death weapon
    i couldnt resist but to grab it my only thought was to leave on man standing to hold the sickle and blame
    but a bloke yelled out “did you get the film” i thought jail strait away if i kept going so i stopped and hid the sickle from the men trying to use it on others for a fight
    it seems i do have it in me to kill and have no worry or thought of leaving one man to take the blame if no one said a thing bout films
    how scary is that
    i dont think of that no more and to see kids hurt realy gets my goat up
    i get very angry at people for hurting a child very angry
    with my blue glow i have its one engrediant to the spontaneous human combustion i wouldnt think nothing to use it and have done once
    i call it mary’s flame
    im starting to understand more bout myself and my accusation when i was young with every witness questioned one by one must have been scary to see a child in a hospital talking to a woman thats in and out of death
    then suddenly dies after giving me information
    god did say he can burn your souls if you dont abide by his rules hes sick of people raping kids and beating women and torturing innocent people for what a few bucks
    im thinking yeah i do have it in me to murder souls and to watch em burn too just wouldnt worry me in the least
    but i have dreams i want to be normal like you buy a car have a job
    why is it i cant be like you and you cant be like me
    why cant you be raised up on raw meat and blood
    why cant you people be the dark angel or even have jack the rippers hand writing
    i do think its a set up by the royal family some thing to do with tests
    and unknown things they always have a need to dabble and have always dabbled in the unknown maybe a shock to people to learn that but its true

  20. donna said,

    social serivices in MD USA Cumberland told me when they took blood tests from me to do with my pregnancy at the time
    said that native indians were popping up everywhere in the states rare tribes with other tribe members
    they told me they call them demons cause they one year died out then come back to life
    after two blood tests off me they picked me up social services took me to the doctors that wanted the blood tests
    he went on bout the natives and kept asking me why am i here
    i told him hay doc you picked me up like that
    he went on i was a rare native blood type blood and they died out thousands of years ago before white man even thought about traveling round the world
    and did research on my family if theyre alive they couldnt find a match with my blood in different countries and gave me what i wanted i lived in motels and sumtimes i would get them to pick me up after hours to go to dinner if i felt like it
    im what you call favourite the only one standing of my tribe is called favourite to god
    i think god works in mysterious ways he has the ability to let live if he wanted to or bring death if he wants

    the british cops found out that everyone murdered back in the early 18oo’s
    they noticed the names of people in recent murders were the same names of the past murders only switched round

    i think bout my name and how it come bout it and realise i dont have a real name or birth date or family
    its impossible to find my true name cause i have a false birth certificate my step parents forged it i dont know my real age or name
    if i do wrong i cant go wrong i dont have a name to go by
    i dont do wrong in the eyes of god but you people can much wrong
    obviously you cant be fed by animals and kept alive
    nor can you have blue pulsating glows
    or accused as horrorfying dark angels and put on the news and have a black harp thru step family’s
    people like jack might think your worthless killers wouldnt care if you were killed by a car or knife
    but i do i care i might be dark but i care

    bit like jack the ripper no one can find him no name just accusations of who it might be
    and all the murders if you look at the pattern is the exact same as the southern cross australias stars where the bodies are found
    pretty spooky hay

    people should let sleeping dogs sleep
    you disturb the dog it can snap at you and hurt you bad

    never the less this is about jack not about me
    he has grabbed the souls of many people wanting to solve murder
    bloody gory death i dreamt of hitting him chasing him the other night
    ran like a dog and his tail tween his legs
    i love a good fight in my dreams
    its all i dream bout is fighting people that think theyre better and hurt the innocent
    any way

    hope it scars the shit out of people
    can i share a real spooky story true but scary
    in this site prolly tomorrow or thursday
    till then
    pleasant dreams

  21. sharon said,


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