May 10, 2006

Document 4 : FROM HELL, the movie

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The movie "From Hell" is very interesting.

The story of Jack the Ripper here connects the murderer(s) to a royal conspiration. It's one of the different theories the police and contemporan advance. The scandal is around the Prince "Eddy" Albert Victor who's the grandson of queen Victoria and the heir to the throne. The prince may have been married in a secret ceremony a prostitute, Annie Crouck and had have a daughter with her. Moreover she's the heir to the throne of Protestant England althought her mother was a Catholic. The authority take away the couple and Annie was take in a "psychologic" hospital where she lost memory. But there are other witness : the friend's prostitutes of Annie…

So, they were killed in order to silence them and cover the royal scandal. But to the murder, the only difference is the last murder because Catherine Eddowes is killed instead of Mary Jane Kelly (this one went away by train with the chidren of Annie in order to wait the Lieutenant Abberline, the detective on the Jack Ripper's case).

fromhell_1.jpg depp from hell.jpg

Lots of elements are true.

The main character, the Scotland Yard detective Abberline was a real policeman in this case. But his character is romanticized by a man who "chase the dragon" (he's an opium addict) and who have premonitions on the murders.

The different murders are respected (the order, the name of the victims) except perhaps the end of the film because it's not Mary Jane Kelly who's killed but Catherine Eddowes… Moreover the life of the prostitutes is presented like gruesome and dark, always under threats (pimps, violent men,street criinals, disease and addictions).

Lots of characters are similar of the time of the murder, of the story. First, the murderers in the film are suspects in the reality (Sir William Gull, the dictor of the queen and intimate friend of her, Ben Kidney, a policeman and Netley, the cabman).

And finnaly, there is a compare between the title of the film and the signature of a letter Jack the Ripper wrote to someone. Indeed,on October 16th, George Lusk, the president of the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee, received a cardboard box in his mail and inside there was a half human kidney preserved in wine… surely on the Catherine's corpse…



  1. huhu said,


  2. Amanda said,

    again the royal conspiracy is a fun little theory that came from Steven Knights Jack the Ripper The Final Solution. The only thing that was right from the movie From Hell was the murder scenes. I encorage you to do much more research so that people are not misled by information on your site or atleast post on here that these are more your own opinon is a great site im glad you have a thread for it.

  3. […] Document 4 : FROM HELL, the movie […]

  4. […] Document 4 : FROM HELL, the movie […]

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  6. Rhian said,

    In the film the last murder was a women, who seems to the French Women. Catherine Eddows was not the last women killed. Also they got the order of things wrong. The “From Hell” letter arrived to Abberline before Catherine Eddowes was even murdered. and it was her Kidney.

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