May 3, 2006

Document 3 : The suspects

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A list of suspects has been made. We see the different theories the police and authors advance. There are contemporary theories according to the police, suspects named by authors and further theories.

According to the police opinion, the murder could be a respectable lawyer and teacher (Montague John Druitt) who committed suicide after mutilated the women. But his death is too near of the last crime (Mary Jane Kelly’s crime). In the list of suspects, there were men who have already committed crime (George Chapman who have poisoned women, John Pizer who have committed assaults on prostitutes, William Henry Bury who have killed his wife after mutilate her) . There were respectable men like Montague John Druitt and moreover doctors who were connected with the deaths of their patients (Dr Francis Tumblety and Dr Thomas Neill Cream). There were too people who were near the murders and during the period (a sailor, a mentally ill person and other suspects ).

In the years after the murders, several authors showed their theories and introduce their suspects. Thus, very respectable men were accused by the authors : recently for example Sir John Williams, a friends of Queen Victoria, Prince Albert Victor, duke of Clarence…. but mentally ill person too, poet, painter, merchant, ……

The theories are numerous and all different. We are allowed to say that Jack the Ripper’s story is a mystery and will last a mystery.




  1. sarah said,

    I am studying the Jack the Ripper case for elective history & i must say I’m having a really hard time coming up with my own conclusion on who i personally think he was. There isn’t enough infromation on the proposed suspects …or maybe i just havnt looked in the right places, all i know is that its an interesting topic but difficult at the same time.

  2. […] Document 3 : The suspects […]

  3. […] Document 3 : The suspects […]

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