March 8, 2006

Document 1

Posted in Vocabulary at 9:23 pm by soazig

witness = In a enquiry, a witness is someone who have seen a crime, the murder.
formerly = in the past
stalked = to track, pursue
dimly lit = lightless, dark, obscure
fog = mist, haze
blanketed = to cover, envelop
aforethought = with premeditation
lurked = to wait secretly
despicable = detestable, hateful, odious
diary = agenda, journal
slain = dead after violence
grisly = bloody
cobblestones = pave
beast = animal, monster
overheard = to heard by chance, accidentally
dank = humid, steamy
begged = to ask, supplicate
stranger = unknown person, foreigner
misty = with fog, mist
spawned = engender, procreate
sharp = cutting edge knife
disturbed = disordered, psychologic sick
dim = somber, dingy
glow = light, gleam
alleyways = alley, cramped way
intent = intention, objective
corpse = the body of a crime victim
slaughtered = to massacre, to slay
chalked = A chalked message is a message written with chalk (craie).
ceased = to stop
frenzied = frenetic
indulge = to make (s.o.) happy
lust = passion, desire
dreadful = frightening
stealthily = sneakily, with furtive
carved = engrave, inscribe
baffled = consternated, confounded
chilling = ice, freeze
blow = in this context, message



  1. One of the major problems with the Jack the Ripper letters was that when the first “Dear Boss” letter was made public it sparked of an avalanche of bogus correspondence that almost brough the police operation to catch the killer to meltdown.

    The police were convinced from the start that the letter was a hoax and that it was probably written by a journalist, but every false letter that purported to come from the killer had to be assessed and, if possible, the writers had to be traced if only to eliminate them as suspects.

    In the event only a handfull of writers were traced and only one, a 21 year old Canadian born milliner named Maria Coroner was sent to prison, albeit just for 2 days.

  2. Jay Dees said,

    Why does the writer of this article misspell so many words and fail to use the plural version of other words? I doubt this person is a bonafide writer at all but rather a wannabee.

  3. Mark.s said,

    I must say there are to many misspells and such in this text. Some words arent even english……. so whoever wrote this: Work on your english and please your theory isnt correct, there are to many facts that prove it wrong.

  4. gaz said,

    Hi, so when was the Ripper murder of Martha Tabram at George Yard? with all the names i recognise but this name would make six right??


  5. Kel said,

    Not only does the author use improper grammar and spelling, so do the persons commenting on the author’s mistakes.

  6. JL Johnson said,

    It is a “Possibility” that JtR was a Constable. William Smith was seen with one of the victims. plus, the letter “the Boss”………………

    When you look at Smiths Picture, it speaks to you.

    Just a thought!


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