March 17, 2006


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I want to speak about the story of Jack the ripper…and I want to show how he has become a very famous serial killer in Europe or in the world.

My problematic could be :
Why has there been a particular focus on this mysterious character during this period?


Document 1 : The story

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This document deals with the horror of Jack the Ripper. The story begins in the streets of East End of London, in the Whitechapel area. His first murder took place in Bucks Row on 31st August 1888 and he killed Mary Ann Nichols or “Polly”, her nickname.

Then, it was Annie Chapman turn. Her mutilated body was found in Hanbury Street on 8th September 1888, one week after the first murder. The police had perhaps a suspect because a witness saw the victim with a stranger man before the murder.
Jack the Ripper reappeared two weeks later, on 30th September 1888. During this night, he killed more brutally than ever done. Elizabeth Stride was discovered in Duffield’s Yard and 10 minutes on foot from this place, there were Catherine Eddowes too. Their corpses was found slaughtered with lots of violence and one of them was discovered “cut from ear to ear”.

Finally, his last murder was the most bloody, the most horrible. After one and a half month without other murders, Jack the Ripper struck again for a fifth and final time in Miller’s Court on 9th November 1888. The victim was a pretty 25 years old girl, Mary Jane Kelly.

This final murder left the mark and the fear of Jack the Ripper for many years. Lots of theories and arguments put forward to discover the real identity of Jack the Ripper.



March 8, 2006

Document 1

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witness = In a enquiry, a witness is someone who have seen a crime, the murder.
formerly = in the past
stalked = to track, pursue
dimly lit = lightless, dark, obscure
fog = mist, haze
blanketed = to cover, envelop
aforethought = with premeditation
lurked = to wait secretly
despicable = detestable, hateful, odious
diary = agenda, journal
slain = dead after violence
grisly = bloody
cobblestones = pave
beast = animal, monster
overheard = to heard by chance, accidentally
dank = humid, steamy
begged = to ask, supplicate
stranger = unknown person, foreigner
misty = with fog, mist
spawned = engender, procreate
sharp = cutting edge knife
disturbed = disordered, psychologic sick
dim = somber, dingy
glow = light, gleam
alleyways = alley, cramped way
intent = intention, objective
corpse = the body of a crime victim
slaughtered = to massacre, to slay
chalked = A chalked message is a message written with chalk (craie).
ceased = to stop
frenzied = frenetic
indulge = to make (s.o.) happy
lust = passion, desire
dreadful = frightening
stealthily = sneakily, with furtive
carved = engrave, inscribe
baffled = consternated, confounded
chilling = ice, freeze
blow = in this context, message